An overview of Rakeback in online poker

Online has been gaining popularity in recent years. It is one of the interesting online gambling games available over the internet. The different variants of poker games make it even attractive. The right use of strategy and skill can help you earn a good amount of money.

To play well, you should have the understanding well. Only when you know the game in detail will you be able to master it. Rake is one of the aspects that is important and you need to understand. When you play a game of poker online, the site takes a trivial percentage of the pot. Sometimes, this amount of loyal players get back this amount; rake back. We will give you an overview of rake back.

What is rake back? Judi Poker | Situs Domino QQ Terbaik back is the amount of money taken by the poker sites from the pot played. This is how poker sites make money. Rake back increases your earnings from online poker. It helps you to earn from the raked amount after every hand or tournament. And though it might seem to be a small amount, it becomes a good figure after a period. Rake back is a new concept in the world of online poker. And nowadays, it has become a promotional scheme to attract players. You have to sign up for the rake back on the poker site.

What is the percentage of rake back?

The rake back percentage varies from one poker room to the other. On an average, you can make 30 to 50 percent of the rake amount on a monthly basis. It has been observed that in most of the poker rooms the rake back figure is 30%. In a month you could receive payments ranging from $50 to $1000 and more. Rake bake is a must if you are serious with increasing the profit spent on it.

Types of rake back

The poker sites calculate rake back in different ways. The types depend on the way of the calculation.

  • Contributed rake back: This is the percentage of cash that is deducted from the pot to which you contribute before the game starts. Suppose, you bet $5 in a hand from which the site takes 10% as rake amount which is $0.05. If the rake back is 30%, you get $0.15.
  • Dealt rake back: If you are playing a table along with 4 other playesr, and the amount of the pot reaches $50, the site will deduct 10% of rake from it, which will be roughly $5. If it takes 25%, the amoeny will be distributed equally amongst all players playing.
  • Progressive rake back: Here, your rake back percentage mainly dpends on the rake paid or the numbers of hands being played. The calculation is simple, the more rake generated, the higher the rack back percentage.

The moment you begin to play online poker with real money, you will start generating rake. And when the poker online sites give you rake backs your earning increases.


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