Be Your Own bangalore bridal makeup artist. Tips about Makeup Artistry that won’t cost you thousands of dollars

Since I started my career in cosmetics, I have had the chance to work with professional makeup companies, makeup schools, and makeup artists. Living in Hollywood, California, for the past 10 years, has allowed me to increase my exposure to these companies. I have also been able to learn the techniques of applying the makeup I have created for many years. I have also learned some of the more fun aspects of bangalore bridal makeup artist such as working with silicone FX makeup and latex. All the knowledge I have gained through my work with these companies has been a blessing. Some of my students have had to pay full-price (sometimes up to $30,000) for the same information. They are usually given the chance to go out and practice their trade at no cost. If they’re fortunate, they might be able to get a fee for a day of work (usually $45) after their studies. Over the years I have heard the phrase “paying your dues”. Of course, the people who said this were the same ones who charged the 30 thousand dollar. I have felt that the new makeup artists are being exploited. Perhaps it is more due to my inner capitalist screaming at anyone who gives away their time. It is very difficult to break the cycle of giving away your products or services for free. Although it might take longer to become a makeup artist if you charge for your services, I believe that we are more proud of our work and gain more respect from customers when we get paid for it.

If you are interested in learning more about makeup artistry, I will share some of my tips and tricks with you.

Denis Leary’s interview about becoming a filmmaker was a good one. He said, “If you want to become a filmmaker take the money that you would have spent on film school and go out to buy a camera to make your movie.” Similar advice is available for makeup artistry.

It can seem daunting to pursue your makeup goals without spending tens of thousands of dollars on instruction, especially with the constantly changing technology of filmmaking. Richard Corson’s book “Stage Makeup” is a great resource for anyone who doesn’t have any experience with professional makeup artistry.

This book contains a wealth technical information on how to manipulate light and colors to create effects. These lessons can be used for all types of makeup, not just stage and effects makeup. Many of the lessons Richard Corson teaches are also the same ones that are taught at the thousand-dollar makeup schools.

Being a makeup artist is not just about having the right knowledge. Building your own makeup kit is another, more costly part of the equation. It is possible to spend thousands of dollars on a makeup kit. It is possible that you will purchase 25-30 different shades of foundation and correctives (neutralizers shaders and highlights). This is because makeup artists often have to mix and match the various shades to create different skin tones. Professional foundation brands can cost up to $15-20 per 1/2 oz. Foundation can quickly cost up to $600. It is easy to see the benefits of making your own makeup when you consider the frustrations of using discontinued makeup or other discontinued cosmetics. Professional makeup artists have long desired to be able make custom makeup. You can save a lot of money and carry less base material by custom mixing your own colors. You can save up to $600 on 25-30 individual makeup bases by buying a custom blending kit like the Ultra Matrix 3000 custom foundation set by By Jove Cosmetics. Instead of spending upwards to $600, only $30 would be required to purchase their starter kit that allows you to blend up to 2 oz. You can use it as a foundation or corrective. Refill bases for By Jove are as low as $10.50 per ounce. Both professional and aspiring makeup artists can benefit from the discount program. They will save significantly on their makeup kit as well as needing to carry much less material.

By Elisha

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