How does matched Sbowin work? Here’s a short guide to matched betting

All major bookmakers now offer generous bonuses for new customers. Sign up, deposit, place your first wager, and the bookmaker will credit you with money. These bonuses are attractive to savvy gamblers who will quickly see the potential for profit. The question is how to use these bonuses and not lose money. This is where matched wagering comes in to play.

Before you place your first bet, bookmakers won’t give you any bonuses. Most times, the bonus amount will equal your initial stake (upto a maximum). However, this does not mean you must risk money on your first bet. Matched betting allows you to cancel that bet in a betting exchange. Is that possible? Let me explain…

Let’s say you wanted to bet that Real Madrid would win a Link Alternatif SBOBET Sbowin match. If Madrid wins, it will win. Madrid loses. If you visit a betting exchange and place Real Madrid, your lay bet will win if Madrid loses but lose if Madrid wins. The odds of winning at a betting exchange and bookmaker are identical, so the two bets will not work together.

Is that really the point? This is how I can lose nothing…

You can receive your bonus by placing these seemingly insignificant bets. This is basically a free bet that earns you money.

However, bookmakers won’t allow you to withdraw the money immediately. Instead, you will need to place another wager with the money. You can also place a wager with your free money, and hope it wins. You can lose nothing because you are betting with your free money, but you might win a lot if you’re lucky.

There is an alternative. You can make a profit on your free bets by using both a bookie or an exchange. This is a more profitable way to use your bonuses, and your winnings will be more consistent and predictable.

After you have completed matched betting with one bookmaker, it is easy to move on to the next one. You can make huge profits with matched betting by signing up for dozens, if not hundreds, of great offers.

By Elisha

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